Aerobics is the most important exercise to stay healthy

Aerobic exercise for weight loss

Aerobics exercise also burn calories, so you can expect to lose some weight. But weight loss should not be the main reason to exercise. It makes more sense to control your diet (what, when and how much you eat) then to torture yourself to burn the excess calories you consumed.

A small burger has about 300 calories, which requires a 70kg man to do an hour of moderate intensity exercise to burn off the calories. And that’s not counting the potato chips and sweetened carbonated drinks that always come with the burger (another 300 calories or so).

You have to double or triple the effort if you indulge in the “double” and “triple” burgers now in fashion. There are even “Heart Attack Burgers” being sold in the US which are claimed to be “worth dying for”. Indeed the company’s extremely obese spokesperson recently died of a heart attack after consuming their flagship “Quadruple Bypass Burger”!

To lose weight, you need to do moderate intensity exercises for a longer duration (at least 30 minutes per day). If you do low intensity exercises, you need to double-up the duration. High intensity exercise is good for cardio-fitness, but not for losing weight.

Consider the difference between sprinters and marathon runners. Both will exhaust themselves by the end of the race in order to win. The sprinter gets exhausted after 10 seconds of maximum speed, but he does not burn much calories.

The marathon runner gets exhausted after several hours of running at a lower speed, and burns thousands of calories in that time. Sprinters are all muscular while marathon runners are all skinny. So if you want to lose weight through exercise, you should emulate the marathon runner.

If you build muscles (which you should), then you may start gaining weight despite losing fat because muscle is twice heavier than fat.

The reason the sprinter becomes exhausted after only 10 seconds is because 10 seconds of extreme exertion is the maximum that his heart can cope with. Competitive runners always exceed the “safe zone” in their conquest for victory. For them, it is not about staying fit, but winning at all costs. That is why both sprinters and long-distance runners are known to repeatedly over-exert their hearts.

Autopsies carried out on former athletes showed evidence of multiple “silent infarcts” (death of heart muscles that never gave any symptoms). They were not aware that their hearts were suffering. Many died before getting old.

So be smart and safe while you exercise to gain health and fitness. Always stay within the target heart rate for your fitness level. Let’s exercise!